The Journey Begins

“Hey, Jo,” I started, “I have this idea.”

Joanna turned and gave me her full attention. I thought about how to word my idea, how to frame it in a way that seemed exciting but not overwhelming.

“What’s up?” Jo asked.

“I want to start an online magazine for young adults in Waco–”

“I’m in,” she interrupted me mid-sentence.

I was equally delighted and skeptical. Yet even after I finished explaining the whole concept, Joanna was totally, 100% in. Thus the Karat was born.

I don’t exactly remember how the idea for an online magazine came to me the first time. It was one of those project ideas I’d play around with for a few weeks and then dismiss. It was a wild dream, like writing a book or backpacking Europe. It was fantastic in my head but risky in real life. It was too big of a project for me to take on.

But the idea kept coming back. A few months ago, as I lay sleepless in bed mulling over the possibility of a magazine, I suddenly realized Jo might want to partner with me.

I thought it was a long shot. Obviously, I didn’t know Joanna very well yet. She jumped on board before I even finished explaining my idea.

Something happens when two people are passionate about the same thing. It doesn’t just become twice as much enthusiasm; it somehow morphs and grows into an exponentially greater passion. I watched this happen with Jo and with me, as we met and brainstormed and dreamed up all the Karat could be.

With all our dreaming, I know the process has been worth it even if the magazine stays small. Because our very brainstorming sessions accomplished exactly what the Karat is about.

It brought people together who are passionate about something, forged deeper friendships, and sparked growth. Through it was learned about each other, about diversity, about weaknesses and strengths, about local history and businesses, and about just how beautiful each person’s story is.

Even in its short-lived existence, the Karat is already 100% worth it to me because it’s helped me meet, learn about, and appreciate the people around me.

I hope it does the same for you!

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