Freedom from “Shoulding All Over Myself”

Nancy Colier once said, “Out of touch with our own “wanting,” we have lost a sense of intimacy with ourselves [and others]. We know who we are supposed to be, but not who we are.” I couldn’t relate more to a quote.

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Up & Coming: Waco Cha

Food is a major part of the Chinese culture and is something we all love.  As a young boy living in China, I learned to make instant ramen noodles at the age of 5 or 6.

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Influential People of Waco

“We all have our people and smile thinking of the memories that come up every now and then—you know the ones. Memories that months or even years later can still make you laugh, brought to life through a song, a smell, a taste.

They are important, and your people are more than any place ever could be.”

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